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I’ve Moved!!

There's a lot of time in my life when I've said "I'm moving!" or "I just moved here" in reference to my physical location. I'm happy to announce that this is not the case for today's post. It is something even more exciting! The Evolving Endeavor has moved! It is now self-hosted. I spent the… Continue reading I’ve Moved!!


The Back to School Blues

Anyone else out there have the back to school blues?  Usually, by the time that August/September comes around, I'm ready to start school. I'm excited to get back into it. All of that is usually squashed the first day of school, but at least before school starts, I'm excited.


10 Things That Make Me Happy {Summer Edition}

Sometimes, I just feel... happy! And I'm not going to apologise for it. I like to consider myself a pretty happy person. My husband will attest to the fact that when I get excited, I get very excited. As summer is fixing to wrap up, I thought I would compile a list of the best parts… Continue reading 10 Things That Make Me Happy {Summer Edition}


How to Have an Attitude of Gratitude

On our very worst days, I will look at my husband and ask him "What are you thankful for?" This is to give us perspective. We have so many things to be thankful for, yet I often find myself focusing on the negative. Sometimes, life doesn't go as planned and it seems like everything is falling apart but that doesn't mean that we don't have positive aspects of our lives. When we change our perspective and see some of the positive aspects of our lives, the negative things don't seem so bad.


30 Before 30 – My Bucket List

In my mind, I always had a list of things that I wanted to do, but when I set out to write out what my bucket list actually looked like, it was a lot harder than I realized! Sure, there's a lot of places that I want to visit, but I thought, "Surely my whole… Continue reading 30 Before 30 – My Bucket List


Why I Go to Garage Sales

I had barely gone to any garage sales before a couple weeks ago. I never grew up going to garage sales, and every time that I had gone in the past, I never found it that exciting. Most of the time it was just junk, and I always thought, if they don’t want their junk… Continue reading Why I Go to Garage Sales


5 Summer Activities That Are Better That Watching TV

This post contains affiliate links. For more information please visit my Policies page The word summer just sounds happy, doesn’t it? It should be a joyous time of freedom from the mundane into a new normal. But…. sometimes I find myself enjoying that “freedom” by sitting in front of the TV and computer for endless… Continue reading 5 Summer Activities That Are Better That Watching TV


How to Make Iced Coffee At Home

I, like most white girls, are addicted to coffee. In the summer I feel like I need an iced coffee every single day. If you don't have iced coffee that day, is it even a summer day? In Canada, there is this magical place called Tim Horton's. Growing up, I went there at least once a week. I say at least because that is the very least that we went there. When I was home with my family on any given evening we would probably go to Tim Horton's, every Saturday we would go there for lunch, on Sunday we went to the Wendy's Tim Horton's restaurant.


My First Post Ever

When I told others that I was thinking of starting a blog, I was mostly met with support but also a fair amount of scepticism. That scepticism sometimes made me doubt whether I should start this project at all, but I know now that I need to take that negativity and use to as fuel to prove others wrong.